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Ameren Illinois Credit Card Payment

Ameren logoAmeren is a electric and natural gas utility providing company formed in 1997. The company was formed by a merger between Missouri’s Union Electric Company and Central Illinois Public Service Company serving almost 2.4 million electric utility customers across the Missouri and Illinois states. It is mainly a public holding company for other power and energy companies and service in a number of areas across these two states.

Ameren Illinois Bill Pay Options

Ameren is responsible for providing quality services in terms of electric and natural gas utilities. The company also makes sure that its customers enjoy a number of bill payment methods for their ease. Below are a number of bill payment methods for Ameren, all of which are used by customers today:

Pay In Person: Ameren offers its customers to pay in person by reaching out to one of the authorized Ameren locations listed on the Ameren website: Customers can search for nearest locations using their Zip Code. After finding a suitable location, customers are required to go to the exact location with their bills and pay their outstanding bill in person.

Pay by Phone: If a customer would like to pay through a credit card, he or she can use a telephone to make payments. This form of bill payment falls under the electronic method of payment where customers are required to call the Ameren phone bill payment number. The number available for this service is 888.777.3108.

Pay Online: Paying online is deemed to be one of the easiest ways to pay an outstanding bill. Customers are offered login payment options for their bill payments online. They are required to log in to their personal accounts after signing up with the Ameren and pay their bills through the “My Account” system.

Ameren Illinois Bill Pay

Customers can use their credit or debit card through the online payment system and often takes the least amount of time for paying off a utility bill. Many customers who are tech-savvy use this method of payment so that they do not have to leave the comfort of their homes. The link to login on the Ameren payment system online is provided here: To register for this service, follow the instruction below.

Ameren Illinois Bill Pay register

Pay by Mail: Customers, whether they are residential customers or business customers, can use this form of payment as well. The mailing address for postal payments is provided below and requires the customers to send in their checks or money orders through the postal service enclosed in a stamped envelope.

Ameren Illinois,
St. Louis,
P.O box 66884

Pay by Gift Card: Another interesting mode of payment is through a gift card. Ameren is one of the few companies which allows such payments for the convenience of its customers. Customers can redeem a gift card online or by mail, which is a form of easy payment for any outstanding bills. This is also a perfect gift for a loved one since it allows anyone with the gift card to redeem the card and pay their utility bills conveniently.

*Cities in Illinois and Missouri such as Peoria, Jacksonville, Columbia, St Louis

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