Macy’s Easy Bill Payment Options

Macy’s logoWhen you want to make a payment on your Macy’s credit card you want it to be simple, convenient and hassle free. You never want to have to worry about how or where to make your payment or wonder if they are going to be late in the mail. That is why Macy’s offers you several great ways to pay your bill that will make the “magic of Macy’s come to life. You have the option to send your bill via the mail, paying online, in the store, or over the phone.

Macy’s Bill Payment Options

Paying Your Bill Online: Sometimes you may need to get your payments made a little quicker than usual. You dont want to have to worry about sending it in the mail and being late, so what do you do? With Macy’s you can make a One-Time Payment online and not have to worry about it being late or lost in the mail. To make a One time payment you will need to create a Macy’s Profile.

When you create an online profile with Macy’s you will find there are many benefits. You will be able to make payments on your account, receive email notifications, and much more. It only take a few minutes and you will soon be experiencing all the benefits of having an online account including access twenty four hours a day seven days a week. To create a Macy’s profile you will need to enter your personal information including a valid email address. Once you have your account created you can then register your Macy’s card to be able to make your online payments. When you register you Macy’s card you will need to enter your Macy’s credit card number and the last four digits of your social security number. Once you have those two steps completed you will then be able to make your payments. You can either choose to make a one time payment online or you can set it up for recurring payments. Either option you choose you will need to have a valid checking account with a bank in the US. If you do not have a valid checking account you will not be able to use the Online options for bill payment. If you already have an online account and would like to make a payment, or set up recurring payments you visit Macy’s website and login.

Macy’s Bill Payment

If you do not already have an online profile and would like to create one you can follow this link: or use the create link on the login screen to register as shown below.

Macy’s Bill Payment register

Paying In the Store: If you would like to make a payment on your account while you’re visiting a Macy’s store you may do so with ease. You can make a payment in store using cash, check, money order or debit card. Find a Macy’s near you.

Paying Through the Mail: Every month you will receive your Macy’s credit card statement in the mail. You will be able to return your billing statement with your check or money order payment. You will need to make sure you write you account number on the payment method to ensure faster processing. Be sure to send your payment back with enough time to reach the processing center to avoid any late fees or penalties. Payments can be mailed to:

Macy’s American Express
Account Payments
Post Office Box No 183084
Columbus, Ohio 43218-3084

Macy’s Payments
Post Office Box No 183083
Columbus, Ohio 43218-3083

Paying Over The Phone: If you would like to make a payment over the phone you can do so for free by dialing a toll-free number. You will need to have a checking account with a US bank. Be sure to have your check ready when you call to ensure faster processing. To make a payment over the phone now simply dial 1-888-431-6229

Using MyCheckFree: Macy’s offers you the opportunity to use a third party vendor called MyCheckFree to make your payments online. When you use MyCheckFree, you will automatically be enrolled for paperless billing. This means you will no longer receive a paper statement in the mail You can always choose to change this later by calling customer service at 866-593-2543. Using MyCheckFree you will not have to worry any longer about writing checks or sending your payments out in the mail. You will want to be sure to continue to make your payments as you normally would until you receive your first online statement. You will receive an email notification when your bill is ready for viewing. To enroll or sign in to MyCheckFree, click here.

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If you have any additional questions you can visit the FAQ page. You will find the answers to many questions regarding your Macy’s account.

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