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Mxenergy Electric Bill Payment Options

Mxenergy Electric logoMX Energy started off in 1999 as a retail electric and natural gas provider. Today is has become part of the Constellation Energy family and has a new name as well: Constellation. The change was introduced in June 2012. The company was originally introduced by Jeffrey Mayer. Constellation approached MX Energy in 2011 to acquire the company and hence the merge took place where Constellation is providing electric utility to the states of CA, TX, GA, FL, KY, IL, OH, MI, PA, MD, NJ, NY, CT, MA, as well as Ontario and British Columbia.

Mxenergy Electric Company Bill Pay Methods

Constellation, formally known as Constellation has offered its consumers a number of payment options when it comes to paying an electric utility bill. It comes as no surprise for people to find a variety of bill payment choices when it comes to electricity utilization. These methods are highly reliable and secure. Many of the payment options provide instant approval for bill payment which is why many consumers are satisfied with the energy company. Below are the standard ways to pay off an electric utility bill:

Online Payment: Consumers can pay online using the company’s portal which can be accessed as shown on the screen.

Mxenergy Electric Company Bill Pay

Online payments are the latest form of paying bills in the modern world. Almost every household individual has an internet connection and the ability to make an account on the website.

Mxenergy Electric Company Bill Pay register

Online payments are fast and reliable and make all the problems associated with traditional bill payment methods disappear.

Personalized Online Payment: Personalized online payments is the facility to choose how to pay and how much to pay. Constellation offers its consumers with the option to choose a billing plan and the option to pay one-time or on a monthly basis. Automatic payments are the most sought after by consumers because they allow consumers to forget about paying bills before due dates. The company withdraws the amount automatically from the source of payment on record and hence leaves consumers with zero percent payment worries.

Postal Payment: Postal payments require consumers to pay by money order or by check. They can do so using the return envelope that comes along with their bill. If they do not have a return envelope, they can send in their payments to:

P.O. Box 105223,
Atlanta, GA30348-5223

This method of payment often leaves the consumer wondering about their payments being processed which is why many consumers have deviated from this method and use telephonic or other electronic means of payment instead.

Walk-in Payment: Walk-in payments are also offered by the electric utility company where authorized agents collect payments on behalf of the company. This form of payment is usually popular amongst consumers who wish to pay in cash instead of their credit cards or back accounts.

Pay by Phone: Consumers can call on 800-785-4373 for telephonic payments. This process takes only a couple of minutes and requires consumers to have a credit or a debit card in hand.

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