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National Grid Bill Payment Methods Available

National Grid logoNational Grid is a privately owned energy provider in the US. The company supplies electricity to more than 1.1 million customers in Massachusetts, New York, Nantucket, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. National Grid focuses on delivering energy safely, reliably and efficiently.

National Grid Bill Payment Options

National Grid offers the following payment options for its customers:

Online: Pay your bills using the comfort and ease of the internet. National Grid offers an online payment facility which you can use to pay your bills using your credit card, debit card or bank account. To use this payment method, you must first register for an online account.

Instructions: Signing up for an online account is done in 2 easy steps:

1.Create a unique My Account User ID and Password (Note: This ID is not the same as a ‘MyQuotes’ ID).

  1. After completing Step 1, a new screen will prompt you to provide information about your National Grid Energy Delivery account so that it links to your new online account.

National Grid Bill Payment register

First, create a My Account ID and Password. The ID and Password should contain at least 6 characters. Password must contain at least one numeric or non-alphanumeric character (e.g., my1test or my$test). User ID and Password are case sensitive.

This is a very good option to pay your bills since you get the freedom to choose when you pay and the convenience of where you pay from. To login, visit the following webpage:

National Grid Bill Payment

DirectPayDirect Pay: Using this option, your bills are automatically paid on time each and every month. To use this service, you have to authorize the company to deduct the bill from your bank account. You will be receiving you bill before the amount is actually deducted so that you can check for any inaccuracies. This is the easiest of all payment solution and involves no check writing, mailing or visits to the company office.

Western Union: You can also pay your bills through Western Union Speedpay using your debit card or credit card. Accepted credit cards include American Express, VISA, Discover and MasterCard. Accepted debit cards include Pulse, Star, NYCE and Accel. Since this is a third party service, you will be charged $7.95 per transaction and the maximum amount that can be paid in a single transaction is limited to $1000.

Budget Plan: This option is best suited if you are a very budget conscious person. Under this plan, your monthly bill amount will remain fairly consistent for a set time period. After the end of the period, your real energy consumption will be weighed against the total amount paid by you. If you used more electricity than you paid, then you will be charged for the excess usage. On the other hand, if your actual electricity consumption is less than the amount you have paid, then your account will be credited by the company.

By Phone: You can pay through phone if that is the payment method you prefer. Simply call 1-888-849-4310 and follow the instructions to pay your bill. You will be charged a convenience fee for using this service.

By Mail: Want to pay your bills through mail? If so, then just send a check or money order along with your bill stub to the following address –

National Grid,
PO Box 11739,
Newark, NJ 07101-4739

When you make check payments, ensure that your bank account does have enough funds. If in case your check bounces, National Grid will charge you $10 for the returned check.

In Person: You can also use the company’s authorized payment centers to pay your bills. only cash and check payments will be accepted.

If you have any further questions regarding billing or payments, you can contact the National Grid customer care service at 1-800-322-3223

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