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Seventh Avenue logoSeventh Avenue doesn’t only offer you a wide variety of items to choose from but also many modes of bill payment to make your life easy. Seventh Avenue accepts bill payments through three modes of payment, so the customers can select the one that they prefer.

Seventh Avenue Bill Pay Options

Payment by Check: One of the easiest and well known modes of payment is by check. A check with the account information, amount and other basic information can be mailed to the postal address provided on the Seventh Avenue website. On receipt of the check, the payment would be processed. While processing a check might take a few days to go through, it is one of the simple ways in which the payment can be made.

Payment by Phone: As a faster option to the payment by check, the customers can make the payment via phone. By calling the customer care number provided on the website, the customers can provide the account number, their bank information and payment amount. The payment will be processed through a debit from the account mentioned. The other advantage of making the payment by phone is that in addition to the bank account, payment can also be made using other credit cards or debit cards as well. All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted and by providing the details over the phone, the payment will be processed.

Online Payment: The third and the most flexible mode of payment is to pay through your Seventh Avenue online account. Customers can log on to the Seventh Avenue website and into their online account.

Seventh Avenue Bill Pay

Here they can keep track of their current and outstanding statements and bills. Similar to the phone mode, payment here can be made either using any of the major credit cards or through the bank accounts or using debit cards. Within a few steps of filling in the bank or card information, the amount and scheduling a date for the payment, the process is completed. The transaction takes place immediately and so the confirmation is available at the same time. Customers can either save the confirmation or print it for their records. Also if you wish to check the transactions and the payments at a later time, it is also possible as latest and previous transactions are stored online for a certain period of time.

If you don’t have an account yet, click on the sign up link and register as follows:

Seventh Avenue Bill Pay register

Seventh Avenue strives to make the shopping experience of their customers easy, reliable and secure. Check, phone or online, customers have three simple ways to pay their bills and this provides a smooth transition in their process of selecting, purchasing and managing payments.

For more information one can visit their website or offices at:

1112 7th Ave.
Monroe, WI

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