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America’s Servicing Company was created to make paying your mortgage easier. They are a mortgage servicing company, so deal with the payment side of things. By using them you will be able to access your account online to find out about your remaining payments and much more without needing to take time off work to visit your bank. Once registering you will only need your username and password to log in, which will allow you to find out what is going on with your account without needing all of your identification to hand. Of course the best part is that it’s free so no more expensive phone calls to make!

Setting up an account

To set up an online account you will first need to click on the following link: to get to the registration page.

America’s Servicing Company Bill Pay register

You will need to have to hand your loan and social security numbers. This is for verification purposes to ensure that only the holder of the account is able to access the details.

You will also need to enter your address and choose a memorable username and password to make getting into your account easier next time.

What if I forget my log in details?

When you first register for an online account you will be asked to choose security questions that only you will know the answer to. This means that if you forget your password, you will be able to reset it by answering the questions correctly.

If you are having problems logging on please call:


Making payments online: To start paying your America’s Servicing Company Bill Pay  online with, you will first need to sign into your account.

America’s Servicing Company Bill Pay

The next step is to choose the transfers tab which will take you to the payment screen. From here you will be able to follow the on screen prompts to set up either regular or one off payments.

Checking the scheduled payments

You are able to check your scheduled payments in the table that is on the payments screen. Once you have made a payment you will be able to view it in the account activity page. If you notice that a payment is showing as scheduled, it means that it has not yet been collected. A pending notice will mean that it is currently in the process but has not yet reached the account. One can however contact them via

P.O. Box 1820
Newark, N.J.,

Benefits to paying my mortgage this way

By choosing this to pay your mortgage you can take control when it suits you. If there are any changes to your circumstances where you need to defer a payment for a week, make changes to the date your mortgage is taken because your wages now go in a different day or even make an additional payment as a one off to pay it off earlier you can do so from the comfort of your own home.

A lot of mortgage companies have expensive customer service lines where customers can be on hold or in a queue for a long time before they get to speak to someone. Even after being put through they will have to provide verification which can be annoying when you are short on time. This is now a thing of the past, so why carry on trying to fit in calls or visits to make changes when you have another better option?

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