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Baldwin EMC Bill Payment Options

Baldwin EMC logoBaldwin EMC, organized in 1937 is a member owned cooperative and has dedicated itself to supplying electric services to the community. With over 60,000 members, Baldwin EMC is one of the largest electric cooperatives in the Alabama state and among the fastest growing in the nation. Baldwin EMC uses some of the best equipment available that gives impressive control over their electric distribution and manages to drop the prices to affordable rates.

Baldwin EMC Bill Pay options

In order to ease the life of their customers, Baldwig EMC provides many simple ways to easily manage one’s account. These include online payment, Automatic Bank Draft, Automatic Credit Card Payment, Averaged Billing that brings your highest bills down and your lowest bills up, in person payment and even paying by mail.

Paying online: You can pay your bill and manage your account online with SmartHub. by registering for the service.

Baldwin EMC Bill Pay register

You can also download Baldwig’s android and apple applications to access your account. This gives the possibility to view your current bill, the history, and even receive email bill notifications making paying your bills a walk down the park. All this services can be found once the customer login into the system.Baldwin EMC Bill Pay

Automatic Bank Draft – Here the amount is simply deducted automatically for prompt payment. To apply for this, simply complete the Bank Draft Authorization Form from the Baldwig EMC official website. and return it via fax or email. The draft is processed 14 days after your application and from then on you will witness a quick way to keep your bill plate clean.

Average Bill: For the average bill, the total amount of the past year is averaged and you receive bill notifications of a standard income for the year to come. This enables you to pay an equal amount every month making it possible to budget accurately.

On your averaged billing anniversary date, you will receive your actual usage bill plus any charges or minus the credit accumulated all throughout the year.

Note that the averaged bill only works when the bill is paid promptly every month otherwise you will be removed from this payment plan.

Paying your bill by phone: Payment is now as simple as picking up your phone and making that call. Visa, Mastercard and Discover are all accepted by request and you will be guided through the simple payment process.

Auto Credit Card Payment: Another way of keeping your bills under control is by having the amount automatically charged to your credit card. To apply for this service simply call our office at (800)837-3374 or (251)989-6247.

You can also have the option of having your electric bill charged to your Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express. Simply complete a PDF Credit Card Authorization Form from the site and mail it or send it via fax.

Paying in person: Paying in person is also another way to cancel out pending bills and Baldwig EMC offices are open 24 hours every single day. The address is:

19600 Alabama 59,
AL 36580,
United States

There are also the easy pay kiosks that accept cash, credit and debit cards not to mention electronic checks. You should also know that the machines don’t dispense change so feed it the exact amount you want to pay and remember to have your account number or the QR code printed on your bill to access your account.

Posting your payment: If you wish to mail your payment, Jot down the address to Post Office Box No 220 Summerdale, Alabama 36580. Don’t forget to include your bill stub and account number in the envelope.

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