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California and Nevada Power Bill Payment Options

Nevada Power logoNevada Power provides energy services to customers in the state of Nevada and surrounding regions. The company is a subsidiary of the Los Angeles based Nevada Energy which supplies power to almost 1.3 million customers in the area.

Nevada Power Bill Pay Options

Moved into a Nevada Power service area and planning to apply for their service? You will have the following payment options to pay your monthly bills with the company –

Online: Pay your bill online using the “MyAccount” option provided by the company. Once you register, not only can you pay your bills online but you get a lot of other benefits like the ability to see 24 months of energy usage, analyze your usage to find out where you can save money and more.

Nevada Power Bill Pay

This is a perfect payment option for those who are looking for the freedom to pay anytime they want. To register, visit –

Nevada Power Bill Pay register

Electric Check: Under this option, your power bill is automatically withdrawn from your savings or checking account. To use this service, you must first authorize Nevada Energy to deduct the bill amount from your bank account. For people looking for a a payment system with the least amount of work, this is it. You will receive your bill before the amount is debited from your account. To qualify for this payment option, you must be a customer who has had a maximum of one returned check in a 12 month period.

Equal Billing: In this plan, the company will project your annual bill and then spread it equally over a period of 12 months so that you end up paying a fixed amount each month during this time period. The monthly bill amount will be adjusted if your energy usage is expected to result in either an over-payment or under-collection of $100 or more.

By Phone: Nevada Energy also offers you the option to pay your bill by phone. If you are a resident of Northern Nevada, call 1-800-809-1013 to make payments. Southern Nevada customers can call at 1-800-253-8084. You can pay using your credit card or debit card This service is provided by BillMatrix which will charge you a convenience fee.

By Mail: Northern Nevada customers can send their checks to –

NV Energy,
PO Box 30065,
NV 89520-3065.

Southern Nevada customers can mil their payments to –

NV Energy,
PO Box 30086,
RENO, NV 89520-3086

Pay Center: You can also walk into any of the approved pay center and pay your bills. A service fee may be charged for the same. To find out the nearest payment center, visit –

If you fail to make your bill payment on the due date, you will be charged a late payment fee by the company. If you know that you may not be able to pay your bills on time, the company provides an option for you to move the original bill due date to a new date of your choice.

If you have any further question regarding payments or billing, contact the company’s customer service helpline at 775-834-4444 (Northern Nevada) or 702-402-5555 (Southern Nevada)

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