City of Healdsburg Electric Bill Payment Options

City of Henderson logoThe City of Henderson provides utility services such as water, wastewater and reclaimed water services to its community. Its aim is to ensure that its customers are offered the highest quality service at the most competitive cost.

City of Healdsburg Electric Bill Payment Options

As with most utility services, customers of the City of Henderson utilities are charged a monthly bill for the services rendered. They have the following options to pay their monthly bills:

Online Bill Pay: You can pay your bill online by registering an online account at the website. You can do so through this link: You will need your City of Henderson utility bill handy while registering because you are required to enter your customer account number during the enrollment process. You will then have to fill out some basic information including your email and select your password.

City of Healdsburg Electric Bill Payment register

Once your registration has been confirmed, you can login through this link: using your email and password.

City of Healdsburg Electric Bill Payment

Once logged in, you can choose to pay your utility bill through a credit card or debit card. The website’s stringent security protocols ensures that your payments are processed safely and securely. Through your account, you can also opt for ebill. This will mean that you will not receive a paper bill again. As such, there will be less clutter in the mail box. Instead, you will be able to view your bill online, anytime and from anywhere you want. Plus, you will also be able to track your consumption history.

By Phone: You can also use the 24 hour telephone service to pay your bill. To do so, simply call 702-267-5900 and follow the instructions. You will need your customer account number and the credit card/ debit card information to process the payment. For people not comfortable making payments through the internet, the phone payment solution is a good option.

 Pay your City of Henderson, Nevada through utility bills

Utility Discounts

If you are having any difficulty in paying the bills, you can also check whether you qualify for any of the following utility discounts-

Disability Discount: Using this option, you can get a discount on the basic service charges of your monthly water and sewer bill. In order to qualify for the discount, you must be permanently disabled, your primary residence must be located in Henderson, Nevada and you must be the responsible party on your utility bill. If you are considering applying for a Disability Discount, you can submit your application here. Just remember to attach a copy of your Social Security Total Disability Benefit Verification Letter as proof of permanent disability. If you find the online submission too cumbersome, you can also fax the application form to 702-267-5901

Senior Citizen Discount: If you are at least 62 years old, a resident of Henderson and are responsible for the utility bill, then you can qualify for the Senior Citizen Discount. Under this program, you become eligible for a discount on your monthly water and sewer services. Once you are enrolled, you are required to re-qualify each year. You can send in a request for the Low Income Senior Citizen Discount through this link. You must attach a proof of EAP enrollment.


If you are looking for more information, you can contact the City of Henderson customer care service at 702-267-5900

City Of Austin Utilities Bill Pay

City of Austin logoThe City of Austin offers utility services to residential and commercial customers in Austin. You can contact the department to arrange for a new water or electricity connection if you have recently moved to the city.

City of Austine Utilities Offes various bill payment solutions to its customers. You can choose one that best suits your needs.

City Of Austin Utilities Bill Pay Options

Online Account: You can pay your utility bills online by registering for an account through this link:

City Of Austin Utilities Bill Pay register

After providing some basic information, you will have to accept the terms and conditions, choose the password and challenge questions. After that, one has to confirm the email address and you are ready to login and start making your payments.

City Of Austin Utilities Bill Pay

You also have the ability to start or manage services, track your usage and view your bills online.

Online CreditCardPaymentNet.Com: If you are looking for a quick and easy way to pay online without going through all the fuss of registration, then you can use the CreditCardPaymentNet.Com service to pay your bills. You can do so through this link: . You will require your account number in order to make the payment. Since this is a third party payment service, you will be required to pay a convenience fee of $3.49 per transaction. Plus, there is a $1000 limit for such quick payments.

Auto Pay: Through Auto Pay, your monthly utility bill is automatically debited from your bank account. This is a free service that saves you time and money. To enroll. simply fill out this application form: and send it to – City of Austin – Customer Care Contact Center – Auto Pay, PO Box 2267, Austin, TX 78783-2267

Budget Billing: Through budget billing, you are able to pay a fixed amount each month as your utility bill. The monthly payment is calculated by adding together utility service averages based on usage information and days of service. After you are enrolled in the program, there will be a review and update to your monthly budget payment after every six months to reflect any significant changes in usage.

By Phone: You can pay through phone by calling 800-959-7063 or 866-694-5861 and using your check, credit card or debit card. Remember to keep your customer account number and payment information handy while making payments. You will be receiving a confirmation code once the payment is processed. You will be charged a service fee of $3.49 for each transaction limited to a maximum payable amount of $1000 per transaction

By Mail: Send in your checks or money order to the following address to pay by mail City of Austin

Austin Energy
Payment Processing,
PO Box 2267,
Austin, TX 78783-2267

Remember to detach your payment stub from your utility bill and include it when sending your payments

In Person: You can also pay in person at any authorized payment centers through either cash, check or money order. Locate a Pay Center near you here:

If you have any further questions regarding billing or payments, you can contact the customer support services at 512-494-9400 for assistance.

City of Dover Bill Pay – Dover, DE Electricity

City of Dover logoThe City of Dover, though an old city founded in the late 17th century, established the water system almost two hundred years later after it was found, the year being 1881. The water system was established to encounter the dreadful losses caused by fire. The City of Dover’s natural topography makes it lucky enough to have enormous supply of water from beneath the land; no special arrangements needed to be done to fetch the water to the city to meet the needs.

Almost after nineteen years of having established the water plant, the year 1900 proved to be a revolutionary one, when the water plant was converted into the Light and Water Plant. The conversion led to the production of electricity. Currently, the City of Dover bill pay has an electricity generation capacity of 175 megawatts, catering for almost 22,250 customers.

City of Dover Bill Pay Methods

The City of Dover bill pay has set up a Customer Services department which has established some methods for easing their customers regarding the payment of bills. The methods the City of Dover offers to its customers for paying bills are:

  • Online payment
  • Preauthorized Payment Plan
  • Mailing bill payments
  • Payments at office
  • Drop-box for off-working hours bill payments

Online Method: You can pay your bill using the internet facility available, without incurring any extra charges. The payment can be made using your debit or credit card where you provide your registered information with the company to make the online payment. This can be done by searching your bill through the portal as shown below, then proceed to make the payments.

City of Dover Bill Pay

Preauthorized Payment Plan To switch to the Preauthorized Payment Plan, you can call 736-7035 or print the Preauthorize Payment Plan form, fill it, enclose the payment check and send it. The account number on the check will be used for future correspondence, and the payment will be directly deducted from your account in future.

Mailing Bill Payments: If you are away or you are unable to find time to go to the office to make the payment, you can mail your payment to the:

Customer Services department at

City of Dover Utility,
PO Box 15040,
Wilmington, DE 19886-5040

This may cause you some hassle as there may be some delay in the payment reaching on time, or getting processed, so it might incur you penalties.

To avoid incurring penalties, you can mail the bank draft at the same postal address. This step will require you to contact the Customer Service department prior to sending, and once they confirm details regarding the bank draft, you need not to worry as payment will then be done automatically. You can contact the Customer Service department at 736-7035.

Payments at office: You can choose to go in person to the office addressed 5 E Reed Street Dover and make the payment. The payment can be made only in cash, check or money order and needs to be done in office hours.

Drop-box for Off-working hours Bill Payments: There is box outside the 5 E Reed Street Building where you can drop your payment in case you are late. In this case, do not forget to add your details so that the payment is rightly made.