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Dillard’s Bill Payment Services

Dillards logoKeeping in line with the many specialty services and lifestyle, Dillard’s offers its customers many simple modes of payments for their online shopping and credit card bills.

Dillards Bill Payment Options

While strolling through the large stores at the many convenient locations across the country, customers, with the assistance of friendly customer service representatives, test, try and collect the items they would like to purchase. By reaching the billing counters located in the store, payment can be made by many means. The most common mode of payment would be cash. In addition to that, payment can also be made using credit cards. Among the credit cards, using the Dillard’s Credit Card or the Dillard’s American Express credit card is lucrative for the customer in the form of reward points that can be earned on each purchase. Payment can also be made using other credit cards. The other mode of payment which is possible is by using the Dillard’s Gift card.

 PAYMENT FOR ONLINE SHOPPING: For those customers who prefer to shop online, Dillard’s provides options using which payments can made through the online account. New customers can create an online account at the time of checkout and existing customers can login directly into their account using their credentials.

Dillards Bill Payment

On the online account, customers have an option to either pay by card or through funds transfer from their bank. By providing the bank information and account details, customers can perform the transaction to complete the payment. If the customer chooses to pay by credit card, then the payment can be made using a Dillard’s credit card or a regular credit card.

Dillards Bill Payment register

Using a Dillard’s credit card would have the benefit of procuring reward points where as using other credit cards do not qualify for these benefits.

Customers also have the liberty not to create an online account at the time of checkout and they can make the payment as a guest. By furnishing the elementary details, such as personal information and shipping address, the customers can choose their mode of payment in the form of bank transfer or credit cards and make the payment.

CREDIT CARD BILLING PAYMENTS: Payment of the bills for the Dillard’s Credit Cards or the Dillard’s American Express Credit Cards can be made using two methods. The first method is to mail a check to the address specified on the Dillard’s website. By specifying the credit card details and account number, payment can be sent via mail or post to the address for payment.

The second method is to make the payment online. For this method, the customer is needed to create an online account and register the credit card. Here the customer is at liberty to choose between paying the bills through a bank transfer or by using other credit cards. For the account transfer, the customer would need to choose the option and then enter the details and the payment can be made.

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