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MidAmerican Energy Company Bill Payment Options

MidAmerican Energy Company logoMidAmerican Energy Company is an energy company operating out of two-thirds of Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota and Nebraska. The company was established in 1995 and is a subsidiary of MidAmerican Energy Holdings. The company is operates to generate and distribute electricity to the specific regions mentioned above. The company takes pride in being a highly reliable utility providing organization where it aims to provide the best services keeping in mind the best interests of the surrounding environment.

MidAmerican Energy Bill Pay Methods

MidAmerican Energy, being one of the leading electric utility providing company; offers its consumers a number of payment methods. Consumers can pay their monthly bills keeping their convenience in mind at all times. From automatic payments to physically making payments, MidAmerican Energy provides a range of payment options for its consumers. They are listed below:

Single and Recurring Online Payments: Consumers can join the MidAmerican Energy website by signing up and make online payments using their credit or debit cards. Consumers can log into their account to see any pending payments and offer to make a single payment which instantly goes through or allow recurring payments every month before the due date.

This Online payment system is used the most since it does not take a lot of time and consumers living in the United States prefer to pay their bills online with a secure payment portal.

Automated Online or Phone Payments: Automated fall under the electronic mode of payment as well. Consumers can log in to their accounts on the MidAmerican Energy website and schedule an automated payment through their online accounts.

MidAmerican Energy Bill Pay

They will need to add a source of payment for example a credit card or a checking account number for the automated payment to take place.

This mode of payment is popular amongst people who are busy with their individual lives and have the tendency to forget bill payments. With automated payments, they can schedule a payment without any worries or reminders. To register please follow the instructions below:

MidAmerican Energy Bill Pay register

Western Union: With the Western Union SpeedPay service, a consumer can conveniently pay his or her utility bill without having to physically go anywhere. The payment involved in this service usually requires a credit or debit card. The payment is processed online or over the phone and comes along with a fees from the service provider.

Customer Offices: MidAmerican Energy has set up customer offices at different locations around the service area. These offices are specifically established to provide MidAmerican electric utility consumers with the ease to make their payments in person. Customer offices accept all forms of payments including cash, checks and money orders. Consumers can also make partial payments if they do not wish to make full payments at these locations.

Postal Payments: Bill payment through the postal service is another form of payment facility provided by the MidAmerican Energy company. Consumers are required to pay by checks or money orders. Below is the address consumers can send their payments to:

MidAmerican Energy Company
P.O. Box 8020
Davenport, IA52808-8020

Walk-in Payments: MidAmerican Energy has authorized different agents across the service region to accept bill payments. These walk-in locations include Western Union which is one of the main payment collectors for electric utility bills on behalf of the company.

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