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My Family Mobile logoMyFamilyMobile Bill Pay is the billings and payments section of the My Family Mobile website, which is the customer support portal for Walmart Family Mobile, a cell phone service provided by Walmart and powered by T-Mobile. Family Mobile offers national coverage, as well as a range of cell phones and post-paid plans.

My Family Mobile Bill Pay

Customers can access My Family Mobile Bill Pay through the My Family Mobile website. At the close of each billing cycle, customers will be sent a text message with the due date and bill amount. A few days later, another text message will be sent to inform the customer that the bill is available to view online. My Family Mobile also has the facility to send these notifications via email, as well as text message, and this can be selected through the website. Once the bill has been generated, customer can access My Family Mobile online and view the details of the bill, together with the account summary.

My Family Mobile Bill Pay

you have to register for the service as shown below to be able to access the service shown.

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My Family Mobile Payments

My Family Mobile Bill Pay offers several ways for customers to pay their Family Mobile bills. Family Mobile recommends the AutoPay option, which can be set up with either a credit or debit card, or a checking account. AutoPay automatically debits the amount due from the selected payment method no more than 3 days before the end of the billing period. Customers can also pay online through My Family Mobile. Other options are to pay in store – at any participating Walmart location – or pay by phone. However, the only payment options which are free of additional charges are those selectable through My Family Mobile, so using this service is a good way for customers to save themselves a few extra dollars.

Customers can manage their Family Mobile accounts 24 hours a day, via the My Family Mobile website.: This includes access to My Family Mobile. One of the ways that Family Mobile keeps costs down is by not sending paper bills by post. However, customers can use My Family Mobile Bill Pay to view and print their bills instead. My Family Mobile stores bills for 12 months. Customers can also use My Family Mobile Bill to view usage details, payment history and billing FAQs. Billing and payments information can be viewed in either English or Spanish. Aside from My Family Mobile, the My Family Mobile website offers a broad range of support, not only for the post-paid plans but also for the cell phones themselves. There are also additional account management options, such as additional lines, extras packs, international options, account limits and controls, wireless data speed boost and cell phone/line troubleshooting. Customers can also activate their cell plan online; however, customers should note that the plan cannot be cancelled via My Family Mobile  – this must be done by calling customer services.

Contact details

My Family Mobile Bill Payment, part of Walmart Family Mobile powered by T-Mobile

  • Website:
  • Phone: 1-877-440-9758
  • Send a Mail at:

Family Mobile Customer Relations
P.O. Box 3220
Albuquerque, NM 87190

One thought on “My Family Mobile Bill Payment Options”

  1. I received a bill of $120 for this payment circle which surprise me. My phone number is 9014284889. I bought a phone at walmart and a new line for my son and added it to my service. That phone number was 9013371865. After using the phone for a few day it started getting hot on charge. I returned both the phone and the sim card and purchase another phone and sim card for him. His new number is 9016124990. His first number 9013371865 was returned and should not be on the service. The only numbers on my service should be 9014284889 and 9016124990.
    Kindly correct this situation for me before my services will be interrupted as I cannot pay the $120 bill sent to me.
    Counting on your usual cooperation.

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