Tampa Electric Bill Payment Options

Tampa Electric logoTampa Electric supplies electricity to Tampa and the surrounding regions in Florida. The company is a part of TECO Energy and services more than 687,000 customers in the area. It has four electric plants in service with a combined generation capacity of 4700 MW

Tampa Electric Bill Pay Options

Tampa Electric offers the following options for its customers to pay their monthly bills –

E-bill: This is a fast, free and secure payment method through which you can view and pay your electric bills online.

Tampa Electric Bill Pay

You can pay using your checking account or savings account. You will have to first register for an online account to start using this option. For people who are looking for a 24 hour payment option, this is it. You can sign up through the following link using your Tampa customer account number and your meter number – https://secure3.billerweb.com/tec/enr.do

Tampa Electric Bill Pay register

Just Pay It: This is another online payment option through which you can pay your bills. Payments can be made using your VISA, Discover, MasterCard or American Express credit cards or by using your personal check. Since this is a third party payment option, thee is a convenience fee of $4.95 per transaction and the maximum amount that can be paid per transaction is limited to $500. To use Just Pay It, visit – https://gate.link2gov.com/teco/

Tampa Electric Bill Pay just pay it

Auto Draft: Under this option, you authorize Tampa Electric to deduct your monthly bill amount from your checking account or savings account. This payment mechanism does not involve any of the hassles usually associated with paying a bill – once you authorize the bank, you will never have to worry about paying your bills on time. You will be receiving a bill approximately 11 to 20 days prior to the deduction.

By Mail: You can also pay through mail if you prefer. Just send your checks or money orders to –

Tampa Electric Company,
PO Box 31318,
Tampa, Florida 33631-3318

When paying through check, ensure that your bank account has sufficient funds to honor the check. If your check returns to the company, then you will be charged $25 for the returned check.

Pay Centers: You can also pay your bills through any of the authorized payment agents of the company. To locate a pay center near you, visit – https://tampaelectric.com/residential/payyourbill/paymentlocations/

Bank Online: You can also check if your bank provides an online payment facility. If so, you are also free to pay your bill using that option. You may be charged a service fee depending on your bank’s policies.

If you do not pay your electricity bills on time, then the company will charge you a late payment fee at $5 or 1.5% of the due amount, whichever is higher. If you are having difficulties in paying your bills, you can contact customer service. They can move the due date to give you more time to pay your bill or they can make a payment arrangement wherein your total due amount will be divided into small installments so that you can easily pay it over a period of time.

For any further questions regarding billing or payment, you can call the Tampa Electric customer care service at 1-888-223-0800

Txfb-ins Bill Payment Options

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance logoTxfb-ins stands for Texas Farm Bureau insurance. They took on their first customers in the early 50’s and have been providing a great service to customers, previous and new since adding to the different services they are able to provide. Their services include insurance coverage for personal, property, automobile, health and life to ensure that life’s little surprises are covered when customers need it most.

Txfb-ins offer a range of ways for their customers to pay their premiums to ensure that everyone has a payment method to suit them, even in today’s busy world. The payment options are online, telephone and by post.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Bill Pay Options

Pay your bill online: Choosing to pay premiums online means that customers are able to make their payments from anywhere in the world so long as they have internet access. As most people have access through either their home computer, internet café or hand held smart device paying has never been easier. Customers are able to make a payment any time night or day, all year round even during holidays.

To make an online payment customers first need to sign up for an online account. This can only be done once an initial account has been set up.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Bill Pay register

If you are not a customer yet, then you will need to get in contact with a local agent. You can find your nearest by going on to the main page of the site and the agent locator can be found by entering your zip code into the box half way down on the right hand side of the page. Once a customer you will be given a policy number, which you will need to pay through the website, the online payment platform. You can safely input your details there and login to your payment account to either set up an automated payment schedule, which takes money from your bank automatically when it is due or you can pay by debit or credit card.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Bill Pay

This option even allows you to add an app to your smartphone to make paying on the go even easier.

To set up the account you will need your policy number, social security number (last 4 digits) for verification purposes and membership number which will be given to you when you set up the account.

Pay by telephone: If you prefer to speak to a person to pay your bills then you can telephone your payments so long as you have a valid credit or debit card. You will need to call 254-772-3030 and have your policy number and payment details to hand when you make the call to save time.

Pay by post: If you don’t have a payment card, you can send a check into the office. You should bear in mind that any payments made by post will not be instantly applied to your account so allow up to 10 days for the payment to be received and processed by Txfb-ins staff. By logging into your online account, you can check the status of your payments and when they have been processed.

In Person: Customers can also make payment at their offices:

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Companies
7420 Fish Pond Road
Waco, TX 76710

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Bill Payment Options

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance logoThe Texas Farm Bureau (Txfb) Insurance is a leading insurance provider in the state of Texas, United States. Txfb aims at helping its customers manage their financial risks of everyday life and successfully. The company offers a wide range of insurance products – from auto insurance, property insurance, life insurance and more.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Bill Payment Options

If you are a customer of Txfb Insurance, then you can easily pay your bills through the internet. For this, you need to open an online account with the company. To do so, just visit this webpage: txfb-ins.com/MyAccount.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Bill Pay register

You will need to furnish your policy number, social security number and membership number during registration. Once you have registered, then you can login through this link: txfb-ins.com using your username and password and start making the payments.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Bill Pay

You can pay your bill using your credit card. The company accepts all major credit cards. Since this is an online payment option, you are free to pay your bills at any time of the day, at any day of the week. Plus, you will also have the ability to view your bills online using any internet enabled device.
TXFB Contact Center: If you are interested in Txfb, its products or simply want to know more about bill payment, you can contact the company’s customer service center at 1-800-224-7936 or contact your agent. You can also visit the website at txfb-ins.com for more details.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Companies
7420 Fish Pond Road
Waco, TX 76710

Tri County Electric Bill Payment Options

Tri County Electric logoTri County is an electric cooperative serving customers in the state of Texas. Since it a not-for-profit cooperative, Tri County focuses on conducting its business with the best interests of its customers at heart.

Tri County Electric Bill Pay Options

If you are wondering how to pay your Tri County bills, then these are your available options –

 Online: Pay your bills online buy using either your credit card or electronic check. Accepted credit cards include VISA, MasterCard and Discover. Card payments will be posted to your account once your credit card company approves the transaction.

Tri County Electric Bill Pay

E-check payments are posted immediately as soon as the money is withdrawn from your bank account. To use the online payment facility, you are required to register for an account. To sign up, visit – https://billing.tcectexas.com/tcec/register.jsp

Tri County Electric Bill Pay register

Bank Draft: This the easiest of all payment option. In this method, you are required to authorize the company to deduct your monthly bill amount from your bank account, credit card or debit card. To use this option, you should submit an application form to the company and if you opt for your bank account, then you must also include a voided check. After you are approved, you will be receiving your bill and the amount will be automatically deducted on the due date shown on the bill. To download the application form, visit – https://tcectexas.com/automaticdraftpaymentplan.pdf

By Phone: If you do not wish to pay online, then you can choose to pay through the phone. Just call 817-444-7617 and follow the voice instructions. This option will be available to you 24 X 7 and you can pay your bill using e-check or credit card.

Average Payment Plan: Under this plan, your monthly bill amount will remain nearly constant. This means that even during seasonal peak usage, you will not be affected greatly by your increased usage. This is a perfect option for people who run their households on a strict budget.

By Mail: To pay by mail, just send the bottom part of the bill together with your check or money order at the address mentioned on the bill. Do not pay by cash. And if you pay using check, make sure that you have the required funds in your bank account. The company will charge you $30 for every returned check.

In Person: You can also pay in person at any of the company offices, Monday to Friday, from 8AM to 5PM. If you are busy during the day, you can use the night deposit box available at the offices.

Central Headquarters
600 N W Parkway
Azle, TX 76020

You will be charged $5 as late payment fee if you fail to pay your bills by the due date. If you are having a tough time paying your bills, you can contact the customer service and ask for a payment arrangement to be made. This will divide your total pat due amount into small installments which you can pay off easily

For any assistance regarding payment or billing issues, you can contact the Tri County customer service center at 1-800-367-8232

Trico Electric Bill Payment Options

Trico Electric logoTrico Electric is an energy cooperative operating in Arizona. Founded in 19452, the company is a part of Touchstone Energy Cooperative. Trico Electric services more than 40,000 customers in the state.

Trico Electric Bill Pay Options

Trico Electric offers the following options for its customers to pay their monthly bill –

 E-Bill: This is an online payment facility which you can use to pay your bill anytime you want. You just need to register an account to start using this service. You can pay your bill using VISA, Discover or MasterCard. It is not only a fast, free and simple payment option, but you also get additional benefits like viewing your billing history, ability to create energy usage graphs and more.

Trico Electric Bill Pay

Once you receive your monthly e-bill, all you a re required to do is login to your account and authorize the payment from the comfort of your home. To register, visit – https://trico.smarthub.coop/#registration:

Trico Electric Bill Pay register

Auto Pay: With this payment method, your monthly bills are automatically paid off from your checking or savings account on the due date. You just have to authorize Trico Electric to deduct the amount and you never have to go through the hassles of paying your bills each and every month. You can sign up for the service through your online account.

Budget Billing: You can choose from two various of budget billing – level billing or fixed billing. Under level billing, your current bill amount will be calculated by averaging out you current month’s usage and the previous 11 month usage. This enables your to keep your monthly bills in control. Under fixed billing, you pay a fixed amount each month as your bill for 11 months. On the 12th month, adjustments will be made depending on your real electric usage and the total amount paid by you.

By Phone: To Pay by phone, all you need to do is just call toll free at 1-866-999-8441 and follow the voice instructions. If you do not like the online payment option, then this is the next best way to pay your bill.

By Mail: You can also pay through mail if that is your preference. Send your payments to –

Trico Electric Cooperative Inc,
Remittance Center,
PO Box 930,
Marana, AZ 85653

When sending your check, ensure that your bank account has enough funds to honor it. The company will charges $30 for every returned check.

Walmart: If you have a Walmart chain near you, then you can also pay there during your next shopping. You can pay using cash, Walmart money order or debit card. No checks or credit cards will be accepted. Just remember to take your bill to the store. You will be charged a convenience fee of $1 to $1.50 for using this service.

If you fail to make your payments by the bill due date, then you will be charged a late payment fee at 1% of the past due amount. You can contact customer service and request for payment arrangement if you are facing difficulties in paying your bill.

For any further clarification with regard to billings or payments, you can call the Trico Electric customer care center at 866-337-2052

Tucson Electric Power Bill Payment Options

Tucson Electric Power logoTucson Electric is an energy utility based in Arizona. The company services more than 400,000 customers in the Tucson metropolitan area and is the second largest investor owned utility in the state.

Tucson Electric Power Bill Pay Options

If you are planning to apply for a connection from Tucson Electric, you may be interested in knowing the various ways by which you can pay your monthly bill. The company offers the following bill payment options to its customers –

 E-bill: This is a free and convenient way to pay your bills.

Tucson Electric Power Bill Pay

Once enrolled at their website, you can not only view and pay your bills, but you can also see your billing history and set up notifications to alert you when a bill is ready or due. This is a 24 hour payment option which you can use to pay your bill at anytime you choose, from anywhere you want. To register for an account, visit – https://tep.com/wss/Login?action=EBill

Tucson Electric Power Bill Pay register

Auto Pay: Using Auto Pay, your monthly bill will be automatically debited from your checking account or savings account. You will never have to go through the hassles of bill paying, whether it is writing checks or visiting the office to pay the bills. You will be receiving the bill before the amount is deducted from your account. the bill will also mention the date on which the withdrawal will take place.

Budget Billing: Under this payment plan, your monthly bill will remain fairly consistent even if there is any increased usage during peak season. Budget billing allows you to spread your total annual energy costs over a period of 12 months, thereby avoiding any chances of a very high monthly bill. At the end of the term, your account will be reviewed and any excess amount paid by your will be credited to you. If you used more electricity than you paid for, then you will be liable to make up for the extra usage.

By Phone: You can pay by phone if that is your preferred payment choice. Just call 800-650-9138 and enter your customer account number and billing zip code to start processing your payments. Accepted form of payments include VISA, MasterCard, Discover, electronic check and debit card with Visa or MasterCard brand

By Mail: To pay by mail, send your check or money order to –

Tucson Electric Power,
PO Box 80077,
Prescott, AZ 86304-8077

Make sure to include your bill stub along with your payment. If your check is dishonored, then the company may charge you for the returned check.

Drop Box: You can also drop off your payments at any of the approved drop boxes of the company. Payments should be made only in check or money order. No cash payments are accepted.

In Person: You can also pay in person at any of the Walmart or Bashas store. Since this is a third party service, you will be charged a nominal convenience fee for this service.

If you do not pay your bills by the due date, the company will charge you a late payment fee at 1.5% of the outstanding amount. If you have any further questions regarding billing, payments or other matters, you can contact the Tucson Electric customer care service at 520-623-7711

Kingsport Power Bill Payment Options

Kingsport Power logoKingsport Power focuses on providing electric services to Kingsport and surrounding areas. The company services nearly 47,000 customer but does not generate any electricity. Kingsport purchases electricity from Appalachian Power Company (APCo) and distributes it to its customers.

Kingsport Power Bill Pay Options

The following are the various bill payment options offered by Kingsport Power:

Online: You can pay your bills through the internet by registering for the online payment facility.

Kingsport Power Bill Pay

Once you have an account, you can use it not only to pay your bills but also to view your billing history, usage, outage status and more. This is the best option if you are busy and wont find any time to go to their payment center to pay your bill. To register for the online account, visit – appalachianpower.com/AccountRegister

Kingsport Power Bill Pay register

Auto Withdrawal: You can have your monthly bill automatically withdrawn from your bank account. You will receive your bill before the amount is deducted. there is no enrollment fee nor any monthly withdrawal fee for this service. This method will ensure that your bills are always paid on time and you do not incur any late payment charges. You also don’t have to worry about making monthly payments since the bill amount is debited automatically without requiring any assistance. To enroll in this plan, visit – directpaymentplan.com

By Phone: You can also pay by phone through a third party service – BillMatrix. You can pay using your credit card, debit card, ATM card or checking account. Just call 1-800-611-0964 and follow the instructions. There is a service fee of $2.95 per transaction

By Mail: You can make your payments by mail. Send in your checks through the return envelope that accompanies your monthly bill.

Appalachian Power
PO Box 24404
Canton, OH 44701-4404


(Overnight) Appalachian Power
322 Dewalt Ave SW
Canton, OH 44702

Average Monthly Payment: This is a billing option under which you will be paying a fairly consistent amount each month. The monthly bill amount is calculated by averaging the current month’s bill and the previous 11 month bills. At the 12th month, the deferred balance is divided by 12 and this amount is either added or subtracted from the average payment amount for the next 12 months. When you terminate the plan, the company will calculate the final settlement bill.

The company does not charge a late payment fee as usual. Instead, the company gives you an option – if you pay your bill within 15 days of the billing date, you receive a 1.5% discount or else you are required to pay the full amount. If you think that you may not be able to pay your bill on time, it is advisable that you immediately contact the company so that they can extend your due date. If even after an extended due date, you are unable to pay your bills, you best option is to seek out assistance from any energy assistance program. Programs like the Dollar Energy Fund and LIHEAP aim to help low income households pay their energy bills on time so they they can avoid getting their service shot down.

For any queries regarding your bill or payment, you can contact the customer service help line at 1-800-956-4237 for assistance.

Kia Motors Finance Bill Pay: Introduction to Various Methods

Kia Motors logoOwning a Kia Motors Finance Bill Paymentscar is now made even easier on your pocket by Kia Motors Finance. One of Europe’s important financing providers and Kia Motors UK joined together to create the Kia Motors Finance. Kia Motors Finance was established in 1989 and since then it has focused on helping its customers to own a Kia car in the most convenient way possible. It creates an outstanding ownership experience for its customers, both businesses and individuals, by providing them with a wide range of car leasing and finance solutions. Kia Motor Finance aims to provide exceptional value, responsive and reliable service, and expedient account servicing to its customers.

Leasing & Finance Options

Kia Motors Finance gives its customers the chance to select either the leasing option or the financing option. Each option requires different terms of payments. Leasing costs less since the customer returns the car after using it for a certain period of time. This option only requires the customer to pay a certain amount of money until the contract of lease expires. On the contrary, financing requires the customer to pay generally higher monthly payments since the company gives full ownership of the car to the customer upon completion of the payment period.

Kia Motors Finance Bill Payment Methods

Regardless of its customers’ choice of financing, Kia Motors Finance provides several methods for its customers to pay their bills. Its customers can either pay by mail, mobile, CHAPS, autopay, phone, cash, cheque or online.

Mail – Customers can send their lease payments to this address:

Kia Motors Finance,
PO Box 660891,
Dallas, TX 75266-0891

While for their finance payments they can send to address:

Kia Motors Finance,
PO Box 650805,
Dallas TX 75265-0805.

Mobile – Customers can also pay conveniently from their tablet or smartphone.

CHAPS – Payment made by CHAPS is very useful for people selling or buying high value items like a house or a car especially when they not only want an urgent and secure payment but also a guaranteed one on the same day.

AutoPay – Payment is debited automatically from the customer’s bank account through AutoPay. This saves the customer postage and time.

Phone – Another method is by phone. When they make their payments, customers can call the KMF collections department at 1-866-344-5632. A convenience fee is requested for using this service.

Cash – Payments by cash are either sent via Western Union or MoneyGram. To locate a nearby Western Union outlet, customers can call at 1-800-325-6000. They can also call at 1-800-926-9400 while using 3814 as the code to find a nearby MoneyGram outlet. A convenience fee may apply in this type of payment. The customers are advised to include their social security number and statement information when making this type of payment.

Telephone/Internet Banking – Through this method of payment, financial transactions of the customers are conducted either by the phone or on a bank’s website.

Online – Considered as the quickest and the easiest method, KMF’s online payment system is also made available for its customers.

Kia Motors Finance Bill Payments

You can create an online account on company’s website to make online payments through your credit/debit card.

Kia Motors Finance Bill Payments register

Kentucky Utilities Bill Payment Options

Kentucky Utilities logoKentucky Utilities is an electric utility, providing electricity to 77 counties in in the state of Kentucky. The company services more than 500,000 customers in the region and has a total electricity generation capacity of 4,570 MW.

Service in Kentucky, including Barlow, Campbellsville, Carrollton, Danville, Earlington, Eddyville, Elizabethtown, Georgetown, Harlan, Lexington, London, Maysville, Middlesboro, Morehead, Morganfield, Mt. Sterling, Greenville, Paris, Richmond, Shelbyville, Somerset, Versailles, Winchester, Norton, VA, Pennington Gap, VA

Kentucky Utilities Bill Pay Options

Online – With Account: You can get online and pay your bills. For that, you can choose to open an online account with the company, after which you can use the account to pay your bill. There is also an option to make a one-time payment without logging in to any account. You can use your checking account or savings account for bill payments without being charged any service fee. However, if you use a credit card or debit card for bill payment, you will attract a convenience fee of $1.49 per transaction. There is also an option to pay through Paypal should you wish. Paypal transactions also has a service fee of $1.49 per transaction.To register for the online payment facility, visit:


Kentucky Utilities Bill PayIf not registered, one can register as shown.

Kentucky Utilities Bill Pay register

Auto Pay: You can also set up a payment system where your monthly bill is automatically deducted from your bank account on the bill due date. This is very suitable option for people who are constantly busy with work and do not want to worry about the trivial matter like bill payments and such.

By Phone: Pay through phone by calling 1-800-981-0600 and following the simple voice instructions. You can pay using your bank account, debit card or credit card. Accepted credit cards include MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover. Telephone payments are subjected to a service fee of $1.49 for each transaction

By Mail: You can use the return envelope which accompanies your bill to send a check to the company. Send your payment together with the bill stub to –

PO Box 9001960,
Louisville, KY 40290-1954

In Person: You can visit any customer service walk-in centers or authorized pay agents to make your payments. To locate a pay center near your home or workplace, visit:


Bank Website: If your bank provides internet banking facility, you can also use that to pay your bills. However, bank website payments may take almost 3 to 5 days to clear the funds. As such, if you are looking to make an immediate payment, this is not a good option.

If you are late in paying your bill, a late payment fee of 5% of the bill amount will be charged to you. However, you can contact the company and request for extending the due date to avoid paying late fees. If you still find it difficult to pay the bill, you can ask for a payment arrangement to be made. A payment arrangement typically involves dividing your past due amount into small installments which you can easily pay over a period of time.

For any questions with regard to billing, payments or other matter, you can contact the company’s customer care center at 1-800-981-0600

GCI Overview

GCI logoHistory – GCI is an Alaska based telecommunication company which provides voice and data communication services across the state. Running out of Anchorage, GCI (NASDAQ: GNCMA) is centered around the five most populous areas of Alaska: Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, Kenai Peninsula and Matanuska-Susitna Valley. Founded in 1979, it has grown to be one of the US’ premier integrated telecommunication providers. It is often commended on its efforts to connect Alaska with the rest of the mainland, despite the geographical and topological drawbacks.

GCI Overview

GCI provides facilities-based phone services to its 144,000 local callers and 97,000 long-distance clients. It provides cable television service to more than 147,000 basic cable subscribers. It is also giving 138,000 plus customers, wireless services through a partnership with AT&T. More than 116,000 subscribers receive cable modem service from GCI alone.

GCI employs over 1,600 Alaskans and has recent annual revenues of $630 million. It has a major foothold in the state’s long-distance market (45%), and it is also Alaska’s largest internet service provider with cable modem, dedicated and wireless access. Cable modem service and digital cable service is available to almost all its subscribers. About 90% households of the state have subscribed to its cable service. Their telephone service is available through out 22 cities of the State earning it a 35% market share statewide. GCI has it own fiber optic, metropolitan area and satellite network facilities which connects it services to the other states of the US. This broadband network is the only one of its kind in the state of Alaska which allows them to offer customized service to the residents and commercial market of Alaska.

The company website allows its customers to login into their accounts and view usage and bills etc. and has separate tabs for all its services. TV schedules are also provided, and new and upcoming offers are provided on the home page.

GCI Bill PayIf you do not have an account you can also register as shown:

GCI Bill Pay register

Services offered by GCI

Television – GCI delivers cable TV to approximately 3/4ths of Alaskan residents. It has elevated most of its network to digital cable and provides HD broadcasts in the state’s larger cities. GCI disseminates through a range of both analog and digital cable boxes and DVR devices. GCI has completely upgraded its Anchorage settlements to fully digital platform.

GCI also provides content to the Alaska Rural Communications Service, a state run satellite system, which in turn provides aerial transmission of commercial and public programming to 235 rural communities. Along with its DVR content, GCI offers its customers the freedom of Video on Demand, and in accordance with US broadcasting laws, provides staple services such as parental control.

Internet – GCI offers cable modem services to all major cities within Alaska with up to 22Mbits/sec down speed and 2Mbits/sec uploading speeds. In rural cities, GCI runs high speed cable modem services but makes use of satellite backhaul connection instead, as the cost to lay cable in these remote areas in absurdly non-profitable. In areas where it does not have a cable TV setup, it runs on lower bandwidth (56-512 kbit/s) wireless Internet access over a satellite backhaul.

Landline Telephony – GCI offers intrastate and interstate long-distance service in many Alaskan markets and not to mention its renowned local telephone service.GCI primarily contracts with the incumbent local exchange carrier, Alaska Communications Systems, to provide the local loop from GCI’s switches to customers.

GCI also offers legacy as well as Cisco VoIP telephony for many customers, including the state government of Alaska. It offers cost-effective rates to its customers.

Wireless Telephone – Apart from landline connectivity, customers can also benefit from wireless comfort. As per agreement Dobson Communications Systems provides TDMA and GSM cellular service under the Cellular One brand. GCI previously sold GSM cellular service under its own name while providing Dobson with the back-end network infrastructure. The service is attracting more and more subscribers and GCI is hoping to find a new niche in a competitive market. Taking its cue from other states in the US, Alaska is also venturing towards 4G LTE Networks. There is no doubt that in the foreseeable future, 4G compatibility will be available seamlessly in the state.


ConnectMD – GCI ConnectMD handles the chief medical network in the Pacific Northwest. They provide round the clock communiqué with healthcare experts spread across 200 medical organizations and partners.

SchoolAccess – GCI SchoolAcess continually takes leaps to advance strong education infrastructure in rural and underdeveloped communities. They have approached education holistically, by delivering on the promise of the latest available technologies and resources to make learning easy not only for the students and teachers but the administrators and parents all in a synergized ambience.

For more information contact:

GCI (Cable payments)
P.O. Box 196609
Anchorage, AK 99519-6609


GCI (Internet and residential phone)
P.O. Box 99016
Anchorage, AK 99509-9016