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Pay Globe Life and Accident Insurance bill with Credit or Debit Card Online

Globe Life and Accident Insurance logoGlobe life and accident insurance bill pay options give policy holders the chance to pay their premiums in a variety of ways. That means everyone can find a method to suit them whether they like the old fashioned way or fast technology. The company now has over $60 billion worth of insurance currently provided and offers customers health and accident insurance at an affordable price. To date they have almost 4 million customers and have been given numerous awards showing their great customer service is still as important as the day they were founded in 1951!

Globe Life and Accident Insurance Bill Payment Options

The Globe life accident insurance bill pay options are online, automatic bank payment, mail and phone.

Paying your bill online: With access to the internet you can take total control of your Globe life accident insurance bill pay date and much more. You can look at your policy, find helpful hints and tips and even make alterations. Before you will be able to make online payments you will need to open up an online account. You can do this here:

Globe Life and Accident Insurance Bill Payment Options register

You will need to enter your date of birth, name of the policy holder and your policy number. It will only take a few minutes to set up, but will give you round the clock access even during holidays when it suits you best. Once the account has been set up you can log on in future here:

Globe Life and Accident Insurance Bill Payment Options

Set up automatic bank draft: Lots of people now pay their bills by direct debit because it means that once set up they never again need to worry about remembering to pay on time. The money will be taken out of your bank on a date that suits you every month making paying your policy simpler than ever before! You can set up an automatic bank draft by visiting the website or calling 800-811-3927 between 7:30 and 4:30. Ensure you have your policy number and payment method to hand to make the process faster.

Pay by post: You can make your policy payment by posting a check or mail order. This should be made payable to Globe Life and Accident Insurance. You should also include your policy number and name so that the payment can be added to your account. Bear in mind that it takes a few days for the payment to reach the office and also for processing to take place. Postal payments should be sent to:

Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company
Globe Life Center
Oklahoma City, OK 73184.

Pay by phone: You can telephone your payment through if you have a valid debit or credit card. To make the process as fast as possible, ensure you have everything you need with you at the time of calling. You will be asked for your policy number and the number on your card. The office is open from 7:30 in the morning, till 4:30 in the afternoon. The number to call to make a payment is 1-800-811-3927.

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