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Sierra Pacific Power logoSierra Pacific is a power company that provides electric resources and utilities in Nevada. With a rise in the economic activity handling becoming more and more dependent on technology and the internet, companies are fast turning to expanding their financial setups to this realm. In trying to provide for better and more efficient services to their customers, and in order to facilitate them, Sierra Pacific has expanded its billing services to be availed via online payment methods.

An overview of the billing methods employed by Sierra Pacific includes Paperless Billing, Equal Payment and a provision to select payment due date. Paperless Billing basically implies making payments from one’s personal computer or any device used to work online. Equal Payment is a method devised to allow customers to pay the same/equal amount every month. This is done by dividing the power usage into an average monthly bill. This method allows the customer to have knowledge of the payable amount beforehand, making budgeting easier. For convenience sake, another addition is the option to choose a payment due date that suits the financial schedule of the customer.

Two of the most favoured methods of Sierra Pacific Power Bill Pay are:

Online Payment: By making an online account with the Sierra Pacific website, customers can access their monthly power usage as well as monitor their progressive usage. Apart from analysing power usage and using tools to learn to save up energy, the quickest payments can be made by using credit cards, debit cards and electric checks.

Furthermore, credit cards and debit cards are also used to pay bills using phone services. Sierra Pacific personnel can be reached through a service number and the bill can be paid using the phone service.

Sierra Pacific Power Bill Pay1In case you do not have an account one can register as shown below:

Sierra Pacific Power Bill Pay register2

These methods, however, include a processing fee charged by BillMatrix.

Automatic Monthly Payments: Another way to avoid standing in long lines, getting stamps, fees and going through the hassle of physically submitting checks for payment is the use of electric checks that allow the company to withdraw the payable amount at the date the bill is due. Automatic withdrawal takes place directly from a checking or savings account of the customer.

The older methods of payment are also accepted. For those who want to continue paying their bills using those methods, professional service is provided. The bill sent to a customer has an addressed envelope with it, which is to be used to send payments via mail. The postage stamp is the only added cost to the customer while paying using this method.

In case of misplacing a pre-addressed envelope, the following addresses can be used:-

Northern Nevada;
NV Energy,
PO Box 30065,
RENO, NV 89520-3065


Southern Nevada;
NV Energy,
PO Box 30086,
RENO, NV 89520-3086

Personally making payments is also facilitated with competent services. For these, customer service offices, Pay Payment Locations as well as Sierra Pacific authorized shops can be reached. Sierra Pacific Power Company proudly claims and guarantees the posting of payments the very same day!

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