SLEMCO Electric Bill Payment Options

SLEMCO logoSLEMCO is a private membership corporation that supplies energy to Vermilion, Lafayette and the surrounding regions. Formed in 1937, the company focuses on providing its customers with reliable electric power at the lowest possible cost.

SLEMCO Bill Pay Options

If you have recently moved into the SLEMCO service area and are considering applying for a connection from the company, you may be interested in knowing the various ways by which you can pay your monthly bills. The following are the different bill payment options offered by the company to its customers –

Online: If you are looking for a payment method that allows you to pay your bill whenever you want, then the online payment option is for you. Once you register an online account with the company, you will be able to login and pay your bill with your preferred payment method.


This is a 24 X 7 payment option that is easy and completely free to use. To register an account, visit –

SLEMCO Bill Pay register

Automatic Payment Option (APO): Under this method, your monthly bill amount will be automatically paid of from your bank account, credit card or debit card. You just have to authorize the company to deduct the monthly bill. This is the most simplest of all payment options and you will never have to worry about paying your bills on time anymore. Your amount will be withdrawn only after 10 days from the billing date so that you will have enough time to check your bill. To register for APO, you will have to download an application form and send it to the company together with information about your preferred payment method. To download the form, visit –

Budget Billing: Using this option, your monthly bill amount will remain nearly same. This is possible since the company will be billing you an amount by averaging the current month’s bill with the past 11 months bills. To use this option, the customer must have at least a 12 month payment history.

By Phone: You can make your payments through phone by calling the customer care service at 1-337-896-5384. For customers who do not prefer to pay online but want to enjoy its convenience, the phone payment method is the best option.

By Mail: Fancy paying through mail? Then send your checks together with the bill stub to –

PO Box 90866,
Lafayette, LA 70509.

Ensure that your bank account has the required funds. If the check return to the company, you may be charged an additional fee for the returned check.

If you are facing difficulties in paying g your bill, you should contact the customer care center and request for a payment arrangement. But if your financial conditions are very worse, then you should consider applying for the energy assistance programs in your area. For example, LIHEAP is a federally funded assistance program that focuses on helping low income households pay their monthly energy bills.

For any further questions regarding billing or payments, you can contact the SLEMCO customer care center at 337-896-5384

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