Clark Public Electric and Water Bill Payment – Clark County, Washington Service

Clark Public Utilities logoClark Public Utilities is a company that is customer owned and it provides electric and water facilities in the area of Clark Country in Washington. The company was founded by the people in the year 1938 through voting under the laws and regulations specified by the state through the municipal corporation. The company provides electric and water services to a very large customer base at present.

The company is responsible for meeting the requirement of 185000 customers that rely on the company for electric services. The company also provides more than 31000 households and commercial units with water services. The two services are provided to the customers separately and they are not financially overlapping with each other. The operations of the two services are also dealt with separately.

The company has worked really hard over the past few years to reduce the costs and bring them down as much as is possible. In order to make that happen, the company had to redesign a number of operations so that the operations were more efficient. Each employee of the company handles more employees as compared to other companies in the same region. Moreover, the annual operating costs of the company are also considerably lower as compared to the average costs of operating in the region.

Clark Public Electric and Water Bill Pay Options

The company strives to make methods of payment of bills convenient for the customers. There are numerous methods that have been designed while keeping the convenience of the customers as the prime priority. Some of the methods of bill payment are mentioned as follows.

Payment through Mail: For the convenience of the customers, the company offers to accept bill payments that are made through mail. The customers can send cheques to the company with the bill at

Clark Public Utilities,
P.O. Box 8900,
Vancouver, WA 98668.

Payments in Person: The customers can also make cash payments in person at the offices and stations established particularly for this purpose. The payments can also be put into drop boxes in case the customers miss the working hours. The list of pay stations can be found at the back of the bill.

Payment through Credit and Debit Card: In case the customer has a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card, he can avail the service of making online payments through them.

Clark Public Electric and Water Bill Pay

However, the customer must get registered on the website of the company first in order to avail this service.

Clark Public Electric and Water Bill Pay register

Automatic Payment: The customers can also make direct payments from their bank account on a monthly basis through the AutoPay method offered by the company. The customer is required to link up the personal bank account with the account of the company in order to avail this service.

The company offers a number of convenient methods of bill payment and the customers have the authority to choose from these options and select a method that is most suitable for them. Provision of plenty of options makes bill payment convenient for the customers.