Victoria’s Secret Angel Card Bill Payment

Victoria's Secret logoAs well as offering great rewards and discounts, The Victoria’s Secret Angel Card offers an easy way to pay your bill online. Not a lot of customers are aware of just how easy and efficient this method is. The convenient bill pay options they offer are suited to a lifestyle that is constantly on the go, and once you have registered for an online account, the payment will take literally seconds to process.

Registration Is Easy

Registering online is the fastest, most convenient bill pay option that the Victoria’s Secret Angel Card Bill Payment offers. It is safe, efficient and dispels the need for traditional payment methods that take up more time and energy. To register online, you first need to visit the Victoria’s Secret website and scroll down until you find the ‘Angel Card’ option. Underneath this are a few options and the one you need to click on is ‘Manage Account.’

Victoria’s Secret Angel Card Bill Payment register

From here you can log into your account using your credit card User ID and password.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Card Bill Payment

If you haven’t yet registered for online access, you will need to do so now. The benefits of registering for online access including the online bill pay option. Moreover, you will be able to review your recent transactions, as well as keep track of your Angel Card Reward points.

Registration will only take a few moments. You will need to create a User ID, which should be a name or number that you can easily remember, as well as a password. Other fields to fill out include your name, address and card number. After this is done, your information is stored and you will not need to fill this information again for future payments. Once you have registered you can look for the ‘Make Payment’ option on your account home page. Once you have entered the payment information you can click ‘submit’. Your payment will be processed within seconds.

The Benefits of Making Victoria’s Secret Angel Card Bill Payment Online

This bill pay option is very speedy, but as well as this, by having your own Victoria’s Secret Angel Card personal account, you will be able to access all your transactions, past and present, as well as all billing statements. In this way, you will be able to keep up to date with your payments, as well as manage your account much easier and with less worry. Your schedule payments will also show up, as well as your current balance and available credit. With the Victoria’s Secret Angel Card online bill option, you can also schedule all future payments, which helps to give you peace of mind. In terms of same-day payments, as long as you submit your payments online before 6pm ET, the payments will be credited that same day. As well as this, you can view all your billing statements from the last 12 months online. This essentially means that any financial information regarding your Victoria’s Secret Angel Card can easily and readily be accessed online from your personal account.

The online bill pay service is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and there is no fee needed to submit a payment online. Payments can take up to two business days to complete.

Will I still receive a Paper Billing Statement Through in the Mail?

You will only receive a paper billing statement through the mail if you choose not to enroll in paperless communications when registering for an account. If you enroll in paperless communication, you won’t receive a paper billing statement.

Can I switch back to paper billing statements if needed?

You can do this among other things by accessing your online account and opting out of paperless communication. In your online account you are free to change your details, which will allow you to make payments the old way via mail to the address below.

World Financial Network Bank
P.O. Box 182273
Columbus, OH 43218-2273