Zales Bill Payment Methods

Zales logoEstablished in 1924, Zales is one of the largest jewelry retailers in the United States. It sells its merchandise through more than 700 stores spread throughout the country. And as one would expect, the company generates a large portion of its revenue from its bridal jewelry collections. Zales also retails high end luxury watches. The company operates an online store at where you can browse through their various offerings and order it straight to your home. There is a unique option to design your own jewelry.

You can also apply for a Zales credit card and use it as your payment method. You will not be charged any annual fee for the membership of the card. Members get a 10% discount on repairs and enjoy special discounts and other offers. Cardholders can also buy eligible jewelry items in installments, without any down payment. They can also enjoy 0% interest for the purchases if the payment is made in full within the specified time period. The offer several different payment options to their customers.

Zales Bill Payment Options

If you are wondering how to pay for your purchases or Zales credit card bills, here are your options –

Online: Pay for your purchases online at the time of your checkout by using your credit card. Being a top player in its category, Zales accepts almost all major credit cards.

Zales Bill Payment Options

If you are looking to pay for your zales credit card bill, head over to the following webpage: or register as shown below.

Zales Bill Payment Options register

By Phone: Pay your card bills through phone by contacting Zales’ customer service line at 1-800-586-6923 and just follow the instructions.

By Mail: Send in your checks or money orders to clear you card payments. Post them to –

Zales Credit Plan,
Processing Center,
Des Moines, IA 50364-0001

Gift Cards: You can use your Zales Gift Cards as a mode of payment. After shopping for your product, enter the gift card number and the secret Personal Identification Number (PIN) during checkout. However, do note that if your gift card value is $500 and you buy for $510, you will have to pay the extra $10 yourself.

You also have the ability to return any of the purchased items and be eligible for refund. To do so, the item must be returned within a specified time period and should be in good, saleable condition. Jewelry items can be returned within 60 days of the order date while watches have to be returned within 30 days.

After you order your product, you can expect to receive it in about 3 business days. You will be charges a shipping fee. If you want to enjoy free shipment, you can opt for your order to be delivered at the nearest Zales store from where you can pick it up at a convenient time. If you have any queries with regard to your payment or any other matter, you can contact the Zales customer service at 1-800-311-JEWEL

Zales Credit Cards Payment Options

Zales logoZales is one of the largest retailers of diamond jewelry in the United States. Founded in 1924, the company is headquartered in Texas and currently operates through more than 700 stores across the country. Zales stores sell more diamond jewelry than any other retailer in North America and its largest portion of the business comes from its extensive bridal jewelry collection. If you are searching for that perfect wedding ring to give to your loved one, you can be pretty sure to find it in any Zales showroom.

Zales also retails its products online which was launched in 1998 and has been growing in leaps and bounds thanks to its increasing online customer base. In addition to jewelry, the company also retail high profile branded watches.

Zales Products

There are a wide range of products to choose from the Zales online store. You can search through the items by material, gender and popular styles. You can also search by price range – anything from below $50 to in excess of $5000, Zales will surely have something to fit your budget. You can search through various styles of rings, necklaces and bracelets made in diamond, pearl, gold, silver etc. There is also a separate section exclusively featuring wedding collections. Plus, if you looking for high quality watches, you can go through their extensive catalogue ranging from Citizen to Movado and many more.

For the more adventurous, there is an option to design your own jewelry. A special program lets design your own ring from over 2000 design styles, 6 precious metals and more than 40,000 of the finest loose diamonds!

Zales Credit Cards

Zales offers its own brand of credit cards to its customers. Members can enjoy a range of benefits with zero annual fees. Zales offers its card holders a generous 10% discount on repairs. They also receive exclusive member’s only coupons and optional credit insurance. Card holders are also protected by any unauthorized purchases and they shall not be liable for even a single dollar in such circumstances. One can pay via credit card online after registering as shown below.

Zales Credit Cards register

Zales also has various plans for every customer base. If you make a $300 purchase from Zales stores, you can enjoy it at absolutely 0% down payment. And if you pay within 6 months, no monthly interest will be charged to you. If you make a purchase of $1000, you will be required to put down 15% as down payment but you will have 12 months to pay off the amount and not be charged any interest. For purchases of $5000 or more, the down payment is 20% and the amount has to be paid within 18 months. To use this service one is required to login as shown below.

Zales Credit Cards

Return Policy

Zales offers a very good return policy for its customers. If you are dissatisfied by any of your jewelry, you can return them within 60 days of the purchase date and you shall be refunded in full. For watches, the time period is 30 days.

With an extensive collection and stores located throughout the country, Zales is one of the best options when it come to buying diamond jewelry. And if you are someone who wants to add your own personal touch to the wedding, it can’t get any more exciting than creating a unique ring just for the love of your life!

For more information contact:

Zale Corporation 
901 W. Walnut Hill Lane 
Irving, TX 75038