Valero Bill Pay Methods

Valero logoValero is an internationally acclaimed energy company which produces different products and offers its customers a range of services. The company specializes in energy services and has a number of plants set up at several locations around the world. Currently Valero serves its customers in 44 U.S. states and other countries such as Canada, UK, Ireland and in the Caribbean region. The company has a number of investment projects on in these areas and is producing high-standard fuel, gasoline and diesel products for customers. They also specialize in a number of other products such as asphalt, propane, sulfur, etc.

Valero Bill Pay Options

In order to pay energy bills and make payments for products bought from the company, customers have a number of ways to settle their purchases. Valero Bill Payment options are fast, reliable and secure. The options include a number of electronic methods to enable customers to make payments regardless of their location. Electronic forms of payments have been introduced since almost everyone uses these methods in current times. Valero felt that its customers should have a fast and reliable form of making payments as well which is why the following options have been brought forward:

Valero Credit Card: Valero offers a credit card under its own name so that customers who wish to make payments to the company can also reap a couple of discounts and benefits from their purchases. Credit Card payments are easy to make. The card can be used in person and online however, this card is only limited to Valero’s products and services and do not go beyond that. To apply, customers have to visit this page:

Valero Self Serve: The self serve portal is an online facility offered by the company so that customers can log in and make their payments without any hassle.

Valero Bill Pay

The online service accepts credit/debit cards and electronic checks. Online payments are allowed to customers who have registered themselves with the company’s website and have logged in to their personal accounts. Customers can register on this page:

Valero Bill Pay register

Payments from the online self serve portal take less than ten minutes. Other useful information is also available on the link such as transaction history and Valero credit card usage.

Phone Payments: Customers can make payments through the phone. In order to use this option for payment, customers can only use their electronic forms of payments including their credit or debit cards. They can call on 1-800-333-3560 to use this option. The payment goes through instantly and customers can also use their Valero credit cards to make payments using the phone option.

Automatic Funds Transfer: Customers can allow automatic funds withdrawal by the company, making this another form of payment. They need to apply for this first where the company will be able to withdraw automatic funds from the customer’s mode of payment on a provided date every month of the year.

Mailing and Physical Payments: Customers also have a facility to send in their checks and money orders through the postal service to make payments. The address provided is:

DSRM National Bank
Postal Office Box No 300
Amarillo, TX 79105-0300

Customers can also make payments in person at the following address:

7201 Canyon Drive
Amarillo, TX 79110-4339

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